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To pay attention, this
is our endless and
proper work.

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In addition to books, I do many other types of writing as well, both for kids and for adults. Nature-related topics are my focus, although I enjoy writing on a variety of other subjects, too.

This work includes many articles for the wonderful site, KidsHealth.org, lots of test passages for Harcourt Assessment, and an assortment of newspaper and newsletter pieces.


Lost...and Found!

Ranger Rick
February 2006

With a last confirmed sighting some 60 years ago, the ivory-billed woodpecker was presumed by many - though not all - to be extinct. I had researched this story, proposed it to my editors, and gotten a go-ahead. Then the incredible news broke: an ivory-bill had been found! It's one of the most amazing stories in natural history.


My Excellent Adventure with Lewis and Clark

Ranger Rick
May 2004

I was fascinated to make my own research "expedition" into one of the greatest adventures stories of all time. The piece ran in honor of the 200th celebration of their epic journey.


Biggest and Smallest

Ranger Rick
April 2003 and May 2003

This two-issue article highlighted the biggest and smallest creatures in many taxonomic categories. What an honor to be awarded the 2003 National Wildlife Federation's "Trudy Farrand and John Strohm Magazine Writing Award" for this piece!


Making Tracks and Go, Dino, Go!

January 2005

A visit to Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, Connecticut gave me some wonderful background information for these articles.


Dancers on Wheels

May 2004

My lovely daughter, who once was a wheelchair dancer herself, inspired this piece.


Let It Snow!

January 2004

Here's the science behind the snowflakes' beauty.


Leftovers Fit for a King

August 2003

After writing about King Midas's funerary feast, I enjoyed meeting the archaeochemist involved in the research. This article was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2003 SCBWI Magazine Merit Awards competition for nonfiction.

John J. Audubon/National Audubon Society
John J. Audubon/National Audubon Society

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