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To pay attention, this
is our endless and
proper work.

Mary Oliver
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Here are a handful of favorites, for readers both younger and older. I'd encourage you to check them out; I'll add more from time to time.

Authors who have written many wonderful nature-themed books for younger readers, along with a sample title:


Caroline Arnold:
Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying Machines

Sneed Collard III:
The Forest in the Clouds

Holling Clancy Holling: Pagoo

Wendy Pfeffer:
A Log's Life

Laurence Pringle:
An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly

Donald Silver:
One Small Square: The Night Sky

Doug Wechsler:
Bizarre Bugs

And a sprinkling of authors/titles for older readers:

Henry Beston:
The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod

Christopher Cokinos:
Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Sy Montgomery:
The Wild out Your Window

Scott Weidensaul:
Mountains of the Heart: A Natural History of the Appalachians

Plus, some good web sites:

National Wildlife Federation

National Audubon Society

The Sierra Club

Bill Nye, "the Science Guy"

Science News for Kids, of Science News magazine

Bizarre Bugs by Doug Wechsler
Bizarre Bugs by Doug Wechsler
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