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To pay attention, this
is our endless and
proper work.

Mary Oliver
White Pine: Poems and
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About Me

It was a wonderful place to grow up!

"Home" for most of my childhood was Coventry, Connecticut, a small, rural town and birthplace of Nathan Hale. Our house had been built around 1730 (four fireplaces - no closets!), so it was like living early American history.

For generations our place had been a farm: there was a big barn with its outbuildings, fields bordered by stone walls and woods, and a cow pond. My brother, sister, and I were free to wander and explore. Questions about anything and everything were encouraged, reading was essential, and - thanks to my parents - books were everywhere.

Fast forward to college (B.A., Spanish), teaching (10 years), grad school (M.A., Comparative Literature), marriage (Tom), daughter (Rachael), and a move from New England to Pennsylvania. Various pets have kept us company along the way. Our current furry friends are Mandy the dog and the cats, Lissie and Sophie; others we remember with affection.

In the mid-1980s I began writing for publication. For me, it seemed a natural outgrowth of reading; in turn, being a good reader helped mold me into a good writer. And an insatiable curiosity about our world has meant that I always have writing topics to pursue.

Today I'm still learning, still reading, always writing. I love my work and am grateful for the support from family, friends, and colleagues. It's been a wonderful way to grow up!

Janeen R. Adil
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